Passive daylight radiative cooling technology

Through ongoing research, collaboration, and customer feedback, OPTOCOOL innovated advanced passive daylight radiative cooling (PDRC) techniques in technical textiles.

These advanced fabric technologies enable us to create innovative sun protection products.

How does the technology work?

Passive daylight radiative cooling technology works by reflecting UV and visible light while simultaneously rejecting the infrared rays that cause heat.

This is achieved by strategically transmitting those infrared rays via an atmospheric transparency window in outer space

In summary, the fabric/material radiates more heat than it absorbs, leading to a cooler temperature than the surroundings.

What is an Atmospheric Transparency Window?

Our Earth's atmosphere has a "window" where certain infrared wavelengths can easily pass through. This window is between 8 and 13 micrometers.

How OPTOCOOL fabrics stay cool?

OPTOCOOL fabrics reject heat from the sun radiation and achieve cooling. The fabric rejects heat as explained below.

  • High Solar Reflectance: Reflect sunlight, mostly visible and ultraviolet rays to avoid heating up from the sun.

  • High Infrared Emittance: Emit infrared radiation at the specific wavelengths that correspond to the atmospheric window. 

This allows the fabric to radiate heat back towards the cooler sky.

  • How do we protect you from the sun?

    Our materials are tested and rated UPF 50+ highest UV protection from UVA & UVB rays.

  • How do we prevent solar heating?

    Our passive daylight radiative cooling technology rejects infrared rays causing solar heat, to keep you comfortable

  • How do we keep up to 6°C cool?

    Our materials have high reflectance in the solar range and high emittance in the infrared window, the fabric radiates more heat than it absorbs, leading to a cooler temperature than the surroundings.

Best hat and caps technology for outdoor activities? 

  • UPF 50+ excellent UV protection.

  • Passive daylight radiative cooling technology the material keeps up to 6°C cooler than the surroundings

  • Durable for prolonged use ensuring long-lasting comfort during sports, hikes, workouts, or any outdoor activity.
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