Hat & caps technology

  • Style: Trucker Cap

  • Keeps you up to 6°C cooler than regular materials in direct sunlight, depending on location, ambient temperatures, etc. thus keeping you calm & comfortable.

  • Certified and rated UPF 50+ Excellent UV Protection.

  • Dedicated vents for moisture removal.

  • A calm mind Improves athletes' performance and focus in the game.

  • OPTOCOOL trucker cap is a perfect solution for outdoor activities like cricket, golf, hiking, running, or even a casual walk outdoors under direct sunlight.


OPTOCOOL Technology empowers individuals to go out in the sun and perform their outdoor activities with coolness and confidence.

  • Up to 6°C cooler with passive daylight radiative cooling technology

  • Innovative vent for moisture removal

    OPTOCOOL caps are engineered with innovative vents. These one-way vents remove inner moisture from the cap making it breathable.

  • Excellent sun protection

    • Tested and rated UPF 50+ excellent sun protection.
    • Block 99.95% of UV and Infrared rays.
    • Caps are engineered to protect you from the harmful effects of sun damage.
    • Enhanced performance in outdoor activities with our technology.
  • Excellent solar heat prevention

    Rejects infrared rays that cause heat. Thus preventing heat-related issues like heat stress and heat exhaustion.