We envision a world where everyone can embrace the outdoors without compromising health, comfort, or style.

Play it Cool

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Explore the highest sun protection hats from OC. Apply filters and discover your sun-cool style.

Innovative technology that reflects sunlight and cools passively

Tested and Rated UPF 50+ fabric

Highest sun protection in the world.

Blocks 99.95% of UVA and UVB rays.

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Smart hat and caps for outdoor sports

  • UPF 50+ excellent UV protection.

  • Up to 6°C cooler with passive daylight radiative cooling technology, the material keeps cool than the surroundings

  • Enhanced performance & focus with comfort

  • Durable for prolonged use ensuring long-lasting comfort during sports, hikes, workouts, or any outdoor activity.
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How do we protect you from the sun?

Our materials are tested and rated UPF 50+ highest UV protection from UVA & UVB rays.

How do we prevent solar heating?

Our passive daylight radiative cooling technology rejects infrared rays causing solar heat, to keep you comfortable

How do we keep up to 6°C cool?

Our materials have high reflectance in the solar range and high emittance in the infrared window, the fabric radiates more heat than it absorbs, leading to a cooler temperature than the surroundings.